Legal Management Solutions for Legal Departments in Brazil

Kohn Consulting Group is a consulting firm specialized in providing legal management solutions for Legal Departments.

We assist Legal Departments in achieving real cost reductions and implementing proven improvements in financial and operational management.


Legal Management Consulting


Marcelo Valenzuela and Robert Kohn achieved significant results in the management of large corporate legal departments, implementing a pioneering and innovative vision in the field of consulting and seeking solutions from a legal business perspective, unlike the “one size fits all” models.–MARCELO BELTRÃO DA FONSECA - SÓCIO  DE ULHÔA CANTO, REZENDE E GUERRA  - ADVOGADOS

Robert Kohn and Marcelo Valenzuela are experienced professionals. They distinguish themselves by combining their legal knowledge and business acumen to the needs of corporate legal departments.– LUIZ ROBERTO PEROBA -  SÓCIO  DE PINHEIRO NETO  - ADVOGADOS

Robert Kohn served as General Counsel for Latin America for many years with major multinational companies and during such time we worked together on various projects. His incredible experience with Brazilian legal issues stems not only from the performance of his duties as General Counsel, but because Robert lived in Brazil for years, when he was responsible for and became personally involved in the daily operations. I can say that Robert is a typical “Brazilianist.” He is very focused and dedicated to the management and control of large legal departments and is able to implement improvements that demonstrably are sustainable over time. I'm confident that Robert can offer high quality consulting services relating to the management of a company's legal department.– RICARDO MADRONA -  SÓCIO DE MADRONA HONG MAZZUCO BRANDAO – SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS

In the last 12 years, as a client of my law firm, I have following the work of Marcelo Valenzuela in managing large volumes of lawsuits faced by public utility companies. Under Marcelo’s management, the company underwent a major overhaul and now has a mass litigation department that is very organized and efficient. In addition, I followed the implementation of an innovative idea by Marcelo which broke the paradigm at the time: the cooperation between the company and the Judiciary, through the creation of a Conciliation Center allowing for the settlement of disputes avoiding the cost of long judicial processes, which proved a very efficient and experience that was soon copied by many companies.–FLÁVIO PEREIRA LIMA -  SÓCIO  DE MATTOS FILHO  - ADVOGADOS